1 More Round

1 month, 1,000 stories and 250,000 impressions

Our Challenge

Challenge: Competitors at every angle

Health and fitness is a growing industry, with competitors appearing at every angle. Not only brick-and-mortar gyms but independent personal trainers, online fitness programs, and apps. This Popdeem case study comes from one of our health and fitness clients in New Zealand, 1 More Round.

1 More Round wanted to protect their market share and propel their growth. After careful consideration, they chose word-of-mouth marketing as the best strategy to achieve their goals.

Word-of-mouth often occurs as a result of positive customer experiences. But there is a heavy reliance on customer good-will. Brands can increase word-of-mouth by rewarding customers who share it.

Solution: Natural Brand Advocacy through Social Word-of-Mouth

1 More Round used Popdeem’s software to manage social loyalty competitions. Customers received rewards for sharing brand experiences on social media.

For example, the brand ran the Conquer the Quarry competition. To enter, members shared a photo of themselves at the top of the quarry and tagged 1 More Round on Facebook. Prizes ranged from free gym gear to discounts and ‘Member of the Month’ awards.

Another one of their most successful competitions was the 30 Day Check-In Challenge. The 30 Day Check-In Challenge was a clever way to motivate members to visit the gym in the lead-up to Christmas. December is often a quiet month for gyms. So 1 More Round rewarded those who checked-in on Facebook, each week in December.

Our Results

Results: 1 Month, 1,000 Stories and A Quarter of a Million Impressions

The results of the 30 Day Check-In Challenge were staggering. Members shared 1,000+ word-of-mouth stories on social media, generating 250,000+ Impressions. All tracked and measured within Popdeem.

The ease of use and power of the Popdeem product plays a pivotal role in achieving these results. Not only can you reward customers for sharing brand experiences. Popdeem also identifies your most loyal and influential customers through social profiles. You can add these users to segmented audiences and target them with tailored campaigns.

Popdeem also facilitates easy redemptions of rewards through your business app. Reducing the time and effort required to manage prize distribution.

Beyond these digital results, the Popdeem campaigns helped to strengthen the relationships between 1 More Round and their customers – a key factor to long-term success.

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