Promoting listener engagement and app downloads

The Mission: To keep up with customer demand for digital innovation and boost app engagement

KCLR 96FM is a popular radio station in Ireland with over 75,000 weekly listeners and 1,000,000 monthly Pageviews. In recent years, KCLR 96FM have responded to changes in consumer behavior by embracing the opportunities that come with this new digital era. They have branched out beyond the radio waves and built audiences on owned media channels, e.g. their website, social media channels, and mobile app.

The next step for KCLR was to boost engagement by optimizing their owned media channels, particularly their mobile app.

Popdeem’s Role in Achieving The Mission

Popdeem is an evolution of traditional loyalty programs that reward users for app engagement and social media interactions. For example, users can enter competitions, donate to charities, or earn additional loyalty credit for sharing content tagged with branded hashtags on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Popdeem is neatly packaged in an SDK (Software Development Kit), which means it can be conveniently integrated into a wide variety of apps.


The Results

KCLR 96FM introduced Popdeem to their app in June 2018 and in one week, 50% of their active users connected their social media profiles to the app. This unlocked digital footprints for their users – giving KCLR a wider view of their audience through a whole new layer of insights. This is something that has been notoriously challenging to achieve in the radio industry.

50% of active app users connected their social media profiles to the KCLR 96FM app in one week

Are You Ready To Unlock This Evolution In Engagement Technology?


Popdeem helped KCLR 96FM achieve their goal of boosting app engagement and keeping up with customer demand for digitally-optimized experiences.

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