Sober Lane

Reached #1 in the App Store and 2X Engagement



Our Challenge

To attract more customers by raising awareness to the right audience

Sober Lane is a busy restaurant bar in Cork, Ireland. They attribute their 10 years of success to their relationships with their customers. Sober Lane understand what customers want and what’s important to them. They keep their patrons coming back with fun quiz nights and coin-toss challenges at the bar. These activities boosted customer loyalty. But in 2015, they wanted to attract more customers to grow the business further. They needed to raise awareness to audiences with similar values to existing customers.

Sober Lane identified millennials as their primary target audience, and decided that social media was the most relevant and effective channel to reach them.

Sober Lane’s strategy included launching an app, integrated with Popdeem’s social rewards system. This enabled Sober Lane to distribute social loyalty campaigns to a targeted audience. They offered rewards to customers for sharing word-of-mouth and brand experiences on social media. Rewards ranged from coupons, discounts and freebies, to grand prizes in sweepstakes competitions.

Here are some of the campaigns, that Sober Lane ran with Popdeem.

Sober Lane

Our Results

Reached #1 in the App Store and 2X Engagement

One of Sober Lane’s most successful competitions, was the Sombrero Selfie campaign. Entrants simply checked-in to Sober Lane on Facebook with photos of themselves wearing the Sober Lane Sombrero. The prize was a trip to Mexico for one lucky winner! Take a look at some of the entries below.

Thanks to the great word-of-mouth and marketing collateral generated by the Popdeem campaigns; the Sober Lane app topped the Food & Lifestyle app charts, surpassing Pizza Hut.

Not only did the campaign raise peer-to-peer awareness. Journalists from relevant publishers in the industry got involved too! Check out this example from Publin:

“Sober Lane in Irishtown is one of the most savvy pubs when it comes to using social media and technology to promote their pub and earn a name for themselves. Now they’ve stepped it up a gear by releasing their own mobile application for iPhone and Android. The app allows you to check into the pub, earn points, and claim free drinks and food. The aim of the app is to help retain customers, and ensure that people keep coming back. Plenty of coffee and burrito shops have loyalty rewards for returning customers, so why should pubs be any different?” – John Lepo, Publin.

Customer-Generated Content

The content shared as a result of the Popdeem campaigns created buzz around Sober Lane again. It attracted new customers and increased revenue from existing clients. 38% of users redeemed a reward through the app and in-store, helping to measure ROI.

Future Plans

Sober Lane had such great success with their social rewards app that they’ve decided to expand the offering to other businesses in the area. The app will now include rewards from other restaurants, bars, cafés and nightclubs in the Cork area.

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