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- Joseph Tripodi,

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Social's Role in Loyalty

41% of consumers expect loyalty or rewards programs from fast-food restaurants, up from 30% in 2014.

88% of Americans say they would like some sort of incentive or reward for sharing a product via social media. This number jumps to 95% among 18-35-year-olds.

77% of all consumers admit they now retract their loyalty more quickly than they did three years ago.

Broken heart emoji used to support the loyalty marketing statistic that 77% of consumers admit to retracting loyalty more easily than they did 3 years ago.

Did you know?

Image of a smartphone icon to depict mobile loyalty programs.

41% Expect Rewards

Image of the wrapped present emoji, yellow box with red ribbon. Representating the use of rewards in loyalty marketing.

Thought leaders in the restaurant industry agree that social media is playing an increasingly critical role in both guest acquisition and retention.

77% Weakening Loyalty

Sources: Accenture Strategy 2017, Winterberry Group 2016 & Technomic 2016

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