Heine Brothers’ Coffee

Rewarding customers for sharing their #HeineBrosCoffee experience

The Mission: To evolve the HB Perks loyalty app to increase its value for customers and the business

Heine Brothers’ Coffee is a growing, social-savvy Kentucky-based coffee chain with 15 locations. When we first spoke to Heine Brothers’ they had a great mobile loyalty app with LevelUp called HB Perks. The app was packed full of the top, in-demand features like mobile payments, a loyalty points rewards system, and a refer-a-friend program.

As the chain continued to expand, Heine Brothers’ set a goal to evolve the app and increase its value for both their customers and the business. They chose to add Popdeem so they could offer their dedicated customers a new way to earn rewards and give back to their loyal community. From the business perspective, they activated Popdeem to amplify word-of-mouth marketing about Heine Brothers’ Coffee on social media.

Popdeem’s Role in Achieving The Mission

Popdeem has an integration available for LevelUp clients like Heine Brothers’, which means the two systems are connected in one seamless app experience. LevelUp added Popdeem into Heine Brothers’ existing app, and voila! A new Social Rewards section was added to the app.

Once Popdeem’s social rewards program was installed, Heine Brothers’ could start rewarding customers for connecting and interacting with the brand on social media. For example, customers can now earn rewards for:

  • Sharing #HeineBrosCoffee content on Instagram
  • Checking-in to one of their locations on Facebook
  • Tweeting about Heine Brothers’ new #LemonadeHappyHour
  • Connecting their social media accounts to their loyalty profile

The type of rewards available with Popdeem’s range from entries into sweepstakes competitions, to additional loyalty credit, discounts, freebies, VIP experiences, and even charity donations. Check out some of the campaigns Heine Brothers’ Coffee have created with Popdeem below.

Results: Increase in social sharing, boost in loyalty performance

A number of key performance metrics were recorded before and after Popdeem was added to the app. Here’s what we found:

  • 55% of Heine Brothers’ active app users registered for social rewards.
  • Registered members increased their monthly visit frequency by 2.9x.
  • Registered members increased their monthly spend by 3.3x.

Here’s a small sample of the great customer-generated content created through Heine Brothers’ social rewards program powered by Popdeem.

Are You Ready To Unlock Your Most Powerful Marketing Force?

Popdeem helped Heine Brothers’ Coffee to increase the amount of user-generated content about the brand, and boosted loyalty performance, through a seamless integration with their mobile app.

If you’re interested in learning how Popdeem could work for you, request a free demo by submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

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