What is Popdeem?

Build A Community Of Passionate Brand Advocates Popdeem is a social rewards system that will help you maximize the value of social media by creating genuine, influential brand advocates.
How Does It Work?


Connect Social Media Accounts to Your App

Once Popdeem is integrated with your app, customers can connect their social media profiles using simple authentication through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On average, brands using Popdeem see a social login conversion rate between 50-70% of active loyalty members.


Encourage Customers To Share Their Love For Your Brand


Identify and Encourage Your Most Valuable Customers

Popdeem allows you to identify the customers with the biggest influence and the most passion for your brand. This makes it easy for you to tailor the best rewards to the most important brand advocates.


Popdeem Increases Frequency and Spend

You’ll soon see the Popdeem effect – it’s proven to drive new registrations, increase customer spend and transaction frequency, and ultimately increase revenues. There are plenty of ways to improve reach and engagement, but Popdeem has real, measurable consequences for your bottom line.

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Integrate Popdeem into any app in less than 15 minutes

Web Apps

Drive loyalty registrations, engagement, customer spend and frequency

Loyalty Partners

We’ve partnered with global loyalty solutions to power pre-built integrations

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Explore Popdeem's Features

Multiple Locations Campaigns can be specific to one location or run across multiple locations
Push Notifications Promote campaigns with personalized push notifications and in-app messages
Geo Services Personalize reward campaigns with location targeting
Loyalty Integration Seamless integration with existing loyalty and payments solutions
Campaign Scheduling Schedule months of campaigns in advance for long-term success
Data Sync Export new insight created in Popdeem to other marketing systems
Social Profiling Unlock new insight on your loyalty members from their social media profiles
Customer Success Customer success team is available to help you maximize campaign performance
Segmentation Create and target groups with specific social marketing objectives
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